Recommended Menu Item

Zarusoba  - 750



Every morning, using only the highest quality buckwheat grains, soba flour is stone ground and rolled into fresh soba noodles. With a light texture and a subtle sweetness, these noodles have a smooth finish as they go down. The chef’s recommendation.

Seasonal Menu

Duck Tojisoba  -  1,950

Purchased directly from duck farmers in Iwate prefecture, this duck meat is rich yet light on fat and is a popular choice on our menu.

Sunki Tojisoba  -  1,800

Sunki is a “pickled” vegetable from Kiso which is made from the leaves of turnips and contains no salt or vinegar. This slightly sour dish becomes irresistible.


Available only from the end of November through the end of March. 

Regular Menu

Grated Yam Soba  -  1,180


Japanese grated yam has a slightly gooey yet creamy texture and is popular in Japanese cuisine. A playful concoction using grated yam and an egg yolk to resemble a sunny side up egg. To eat, mix together the egg and yam and add the sauce to taste.

Duck Seiro  -  1,400


This restaurant’s number one most popular dish. Zarusoba served with a hearty duck meat soup. Delicious and good for the skin, this dish is even popular amongst the staff.


Double duck meat and green onion is an additional 500.

Color Soba  -  1,080


This soba brings all the colors to the table, right down to the dish itself. Served with wasabi and green onion condiments, grated pickled plum, and fried bonito tuna flavored crackers. To eat, mix the dipping sauce, plum, and condiments together. After finishing the soba, add the crackers and soba water and enjoy the colors of the plate while drinking the broth.

Bonito Cracker Seiro  -  1,080


Fried crackers flavored with bonito tuna flakes are served with a duck broth and grated yam. A popular dish.

Sunki Seiro  -  1,100


Zarusoba served with a sunki broth. Available only from the end of November through the end of March.

Kakesoba  -  950


This hot soba has a thickened* broth which will pleasantly warm the body throughout. Even in the hot summer months some customers will eat this dish while wiping the sweat from their brow while other customers in winter will start with a cool zarusoba and finish with a hot kakesoba to warm them.

*Only this hot soba dish on the menu features a thickened broth.

Duck Meat Kakesoba  -  1,500


Kakesoba served with duckmeat.


Double duck meat and green onion is an additional 500.

Sunki Soba  -  1,200


Kakesoba served with sunki, Kiso’s original “pickled” vegetable. Available only from the end of November through the end of March.

Five vegetable Tojisoba  -  1,800


Carrot, shiitake, green onion, burdock root, and Japanese yam comprise the five vegetables. Served with fried tofu skins. Each vegetable brings its own essence to the broth. Hot, rich and a healthy choice. For those who don’t get enough vegetables in their diet or simply don’t care for them, give this dish a try!

Other Menu Items

Duck Meat Hot Pot  -  1,100


Duck meat served with green onion and a sweet soy based sauce. First boil the duck in the water. To enjoy two layers of flavor start by eating the duck with only salt, then try eating it with the sweet sauce. We recommend having this dish with an order of zarusoba to enjoy all the flavors and to fill you up.

Bonito Cracker Side  -  160


Small bowl of fried bonito flavor tuna crackers.

Soba Crepe  -  540


The soba restaurant crepe made with 100% soba flour. The recipe was based from a professional crepe chef’s instruction. The batter is rested overnight and the crepe is served with ice cream and a caramel sauce. There’s always room for dessert!

Sweet Soba Appetizer  -  370


Toasted buckwheat grains served with sweet bean jam. A nutty, sweet, and warm side dish that pairs well with the soba experience.

Tomato Soba  -  1,000

Cold soba served with a tomato broth and condiments. For the hot summer months and tomato lovers, we highly recommend this dish.
※Available only from July through September.

Drink Menu

Kisoji Sake 360ml  -  700

Clean tasting high quality sake that dates back to the middle of the Edo period.

Kisoji Mitsuwari Sake 360ml  -  600

A slightly heavier tasting brew of sake from Kisoji.

Beer 500ml Bottle  -  600


神村 治男(じんむら はるお)

蕎麦打ち名人高橋邦弘氏に教えをいただき、平成18年  故郷の木祖村でおぎのやを開店。


About This Establishment

Oginoya was founded by Chef Jinmura Haruo in 2006 after working under master soba chef Takahashi Kunihiro. Chef Jinmura is passionate about his work in the kitchen and is welcoming to his customers on the floor. Oginoya’s building itself is traditional style Japanese architecture and dates back over 130 years. It features tall ceilings, a cozy and comfortable atmosphere and gives the feeling of Edo Japan.

木曽 おぎのや





















先日、東京の友人宅へ出かける用事があり行ってきました。サクラが満開、気温が朝から17℃ポカポカ、木祖は前日真っ白雪景色  気温の違い、景色の違いを目の当たりに、 思わず 日本って広いんだ、木曽って凄いんだ、身をもって体感。  寒い寒いと言っても木曽も確実に春は近付いているんだ、言い聞かせるように庭のいつもの場所を、フキノトウを探す・・・あったあった4本見っけ。  やっぱり春は来てる来てる 確実に。

今年の梅、サクラ 綺麗だろうなぁ 期待大 楽しみ、ゴールデンウイークにはピンク色、白色が木曽全体を彩るのかな?ワクワク待ち遠しい。 どうぞ 梅、桜 見頃を迎える木曽へ お出かけ下さい。 お待ちしております。

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新蕎麦 ご提供してます

北海道産、地元木祖産の新蕎麦をご提供中です、近日中には茨木産、八ヶ岳産も加わります。 寒い時期に入りましたがお蕎麦は美味しい季節になりました。  自家製粉で 一年間を通して美味しさを保ってはいますが、 何と言ってもこの時期は お い し い です。   「冷たいお蕎麦を味わい、温か蕎麦で暖まっていただく。」寒い時期の食べ方をお勧めします。 お出かけ下さい 従業員一同お待ちしてます。

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少しずつですが山の緑が色付き始めました.朝晩の気温の高低差が大きいほど綺麗な紅葉が楽しめるようです。「10月なのに11月の気温 寒くなります」テレビから聞こえてくる天気予報の声、作物は心配だけどちょっと期待してしまう今年の紅葉。山国だけへの自然からのプレゼント、新蕎麦も入荷しはじめました。

綺麗な景色、お蕎麦を楽しみにお出かけ下さい お待ちしてます。

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8月10日水曜定休日ゆっくり店に出勤し買い出しの準備、外が鳥の鳴き声で騒がしいが何だろう、勝手口から顔を出すとツバメが電線に、その数ざっと20羽弱、凄い何なの。 しばらくすると店前の巣に2,3羽、飛び交うこと数分、そして全てのツバメがどこかへ飛び去る。 翌日軒先の巣を覗くが姿見当たらず、待てよ 昨日は旅立ちの日、お別れの日だったんだね。そうかそうか  旅立ちのご挨拶? 元気で無事目的地に到着しますように、 いってらっしゃい。

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つばめ、 ヒナが

6月21日店の軒先にツバメが巣を作り始め、あれよあれよでヒナが巣の中から親鳥に餌の催促。平成18年店を立ち上げた時、食べ物屋だよ、衛生面でみるとツバメの巣 好ましくないよなあ~、二年ほど続いたのかなツバメが来ると掃除、巣の真下の店先はフンで汚れて大変。だめだめ巣作りはさせないよ・・でも今年は何か変だよ、本来だったらとっくにヒナが生まれている時期に巣造り、何かあったのかな?必至に場所探し言葉は通じないが



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